Friday, April 3


  • 15 everyday reps

  • Catch - game of 21

  • Agilities - 4 sets of each 4 times, both ways (left & right)

    • 10 yard t-drill 

    • 10 yard box drill (sprint, shuffle, back pedal, shuffle)

    • line agility

      • 25x side to side​ = 1 set

      • 25x back and forth = 1 set

  • Wall work - 100 ground balls

  • 100 swings

    • reverse grip - 50

    • regular - 50

The workouts you've been doing over the last couple of weeks are what I mean when I talk about how you have to put work in consistently if you want to advance in your baseball careers. All want it, most don't get it. How hard are you willing to work to achieve what you want to achieve?

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