Monday, March 23

Accountability Challenge here


  • 15 everyday reps

  • 20 minutes of catch (preferably long toss)

  • Agilities - 4 sets of each 4 times, both ways (left & right)

    • 10 yard t-drill 

    • 10 yard box drill (sprint, shuffle, back pedal, shuffle)

    • line agility

      • 25x side to side​ = 1 set

      • 25x back and forth = 1 set

  • Wall work - 100 ground balls

  • 100 swings

    • 13U & 14U - send video of 10 swings to Matt​

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Yesterday's Answer

You're on defense. Runners on 1st and 2nd, one out. Dropped third strike, where does the ball go? What is your responsibility at your position (pick a spot for those that play multiple positions).


The correct play is:

Catcher blocks the ball & recovers. 1st base is occupied, so batter is out. 

Where does the ball go?

Prior to the pitch, the catcher needs to know the speed of the runners. In the grand scheme of things, a throw, if one is needed, will go to 2nd because the runner at 1st must wait to see if the runner at 2nd goes. BUT, if the runner at 2nd is clearly slower than the runner on 1st, the throw can go to 3rd on an attempt to advance.  

Corner OF's - back up your bags (LF > 3B, RF > 1B)

CF - back up throw to 2B

3B - 3rd base bag

SS - backs up throw to 3B

2B - 2nd base bag and throw from catcher

1B - act as catcher's eyes with a call for runner

P - pumps fist because he just got a strikeout with runners on

Yesterday's Accountability Winners

14U with 9 out of 12 participation


You're on defense. Runners on 1st and 2nd, less than 2 outs. Fast left handed hitter at the plate. Soft hit ground ball. Do you:


A) try to turn 2


B) take a for sure out at 2b, then pump fake a throw to 1st and look 3


You're on defense and up 3 or more runs early in the game. Runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out. Fly ball to you at regular depth. After you make the catch for an out, where are you throwing the ball?

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