Tuesday, March 24




  • 15 everyday reps

  • Catch

    • Play 21 with a partner - face is 2 points, chest is 1. Anywhere else is 0​. If you don't have a catch partner, pick a high brick and a low brick on a wall. High brick 2 points, low brick 1 point. 

  • 100 swings​​

  • 50 barehand receiving (5 sets of 10)

  • 60 blocks (20 left, 20 right, 20 middle)

  • 20 balance and hold, no ball - hold for 3 seconds

  • 15 balance touch, balance go/throw - hold for 1 second

  • 25 spread throw on flat ground @ 40 feet

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Yesterday's Answer

Infielders - B (take a for sure out at 2b, then pump fake a throw to 1b and look 3

Outfielders - this is your opportunity to throw somebody out at the plate. Hat high so that cutoff man can catch, pump fake to keep the guy on 2b

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