1. What are the monthly dues?

  •  Standard dues are $150/mo + tournaments. When everything is normal we play an average of 2 tournaments a month and they're are typically about $50 each. There is also a one time uniform cost of $75.

2. How often do you practice?

  • A normal week includes one hitting session and one on the field practice.

3. Where do you practice?

  • Typically either Crossroads or McQueen in Gilbert.

4. How many players do you carry on a team?

  • My ideal number is 12, but that can vary based on different circumstances.

5. Who coaches the teams?

  • Matt runs all practices and is at as many games as he is able. Other coaches in the program have a variety of baseball experience, including playing at the collegiate level, professional scouting experience & high school coaches.

6. Do you play in leagues?

  • I leave league play up to a parent vote. If it is something that parents/players want to do, we do it. 

7. What level do you compete at?

  • AAA/Majors

8. What is your coaching philosophy?

  • Development, development, development. If you are only after rings/trophies, this isn't the program for you. Success is gauged by individual and team improvements throughout a season. 

E-mail: edgebaseballaz@gmail.com Tel: 480-215-5158

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